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The Honolulu Chapter of the not-for-profit Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs is a dynamic group of food and wine enthusiasts, in excess of 150 members, with discerning palates who share a common interest in a passion for fine cuisine and wines based in education, camaraderie and fun around the table.

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Robert Asakura

Welcome to Chaîne Honolulu

Aloha me ke Aloha (Greetings with Love)

The Bailliage d’Honolulu invites Chaîne members from around the globe to experience the best of East and West in our vibrant, cosmopolitan city showcasing world-class dining amidst tropical breezes, white sand beaches, and shimmering waves.

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From celebrations to competitions, culinary masterpieces and conviviality, here is a taste of the latest Chaîne headlines.


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National Events

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Honolulu Gallery

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